PROBA-V data AVAILABLE in Terraviewer

We are happy to release a new and improved version of Terraviewer, our online EO browser to easily search, view, compare and download satellite data. Via the new version you can now also access PROBA-V data, next to the Sentinel data.
PROBA-V is an ESA micro satellite who monitors our global land surface every day. Via Terraviwer you can now view, compare and download the following images, going back to September 2013:

• 10-day synthesis images in natural color and color infrared, at 300 m resolution. By selecting the best pixels over a 10 day period, the result is mostly cloud free.

• 5-day synthesis images in natural color and color infrared, at 100m resolution.  This uses just the central camera (PROBA-V has three, covering a combined swath on 2285 km), so most places are imaged just once or twice in a five-day period. This results in a higher spatial resolution, at the expense of having a higher probability of cloud cover.




by providing a user-friendly platform to access satellite data and derived information to the Belgian users.