At the start of autumn, a new release is upon us, continuing the evolution of our Terrascope platform.

So what have we got in store for you this time…

Compare function upgrade

The viewer has incorporated biophysical layers. This means that you can compare a normal color image with NDVI, FAPAR, FCOVER, LAI or infrared and on different or the same day. The comparison link can be shared easily on social media. Give it a try here https://viewer.terrascope.be !

Easy data download

Once you found your region of interest on a specific date in the viewer, you can now directly select the "Download" button in the “Export” tab leading you directly to the data portal, with the selection of the region and date already filled out automatically. Downloading made easy for the expert user!

Platform performance increase

Thanks to the feedback we’ve received from our users we’ve been able to increase the performance and stability of the platform. We look forward to your continuous feedback! Contact

Register for a roadshow!

Remember we launched a request for interest in a training on Terrascope and Sentinel-data?
Well we are happy to announce our first confirmed dates for Brussels and Ghent.
Interested in attending? Block your agenda and register here.


by providing a user-friendly platform to access satellite data and derived information to the Belgian users.