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The FAQ applies to Terrascope and Proba-V MEP. Please note that the FAQ is in English only.

Frequently asked questions

Sentinel 3

When will the Sentinel-3 data be available?

Sentinel-3 synergy (SYN) products will be made available through the Terrascope platform as soon as they are officially released by ESA. According to the latest Sentinel-3 mission status reports, SYN products based on Sentinel-3A data are currently only available to expert users with an official release planned after upgrades of the processor baseline. Furthermore it should be noted that both Sentinel-3A and 3B acquisitions are required for fully operational SYN products comparable to the VGT and PROBA-V S1 and S10 products.  Sentinel-3B is currently in the commissioning phase with routine operations expected to start in 2019. 
VITO is a member of the Sentinel-3 Mission Performance Center (MPC). As Expert Support Laboratory (ESL), VITO provides expert analyses with respect to the OLCI L1 radiometry and the SYN VGT products. Within the ESL Level 2 LAND VAL group, the objective is to validate the Sentinel-3 SYN VGT products and to verify the similarity of these products with the combined time series of SPOT-VGT and PROBA-V.

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