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401 on downloading WorldCover Products (urn:eop:VITO:ESA_WorldCover_S1VVVHratio_10m_2020_V1 & urn:eop:VITO:ESA_WorldCover_S2RGBNIR_10m_2020_V1)

It is possible to download urn:eop:VITO:ESA_WorldCover_10m_2020_V1 products. Everything works fine. It is, however, not possible to download urn:eop:VITO:ESA_WorldCover_S1VVVHratio_10m_2020_V1 or urn:eop:VITO:ESA_WorldCover_S2RGBNIR_10m_2020_V1 products, the HTTP response code being 404.   This seems to be an authorization issue (HTTP 404) but, on the other hand, the construction of the first URL seems to be a little different (in respect to the other URLs). Please help me understand if/how it would be possible to download the S1VVVHratio_10m_2020_V1 and S2RGBNIR_10m_2020_V1 products. https://services.terrascope.be/download/WORLDCOVER/ESA_WORLDCOVER_10M_2020_V100/MAP/ESA_WorldCover_10m_2020_v100_N39E000_Map/ESA_WorldCover_10m_2020_v100_N39E000_Map.tif https://services.terrascope.be/download/WORLDCOVER/ESA_WORLDCOVER_10M_2020_V100/S1VVVHRATIO/ESA_WorldCover_10m_2020_v100_N41E001_S1VVVHratio.tif https://services.terrascope.be/download/WORLDCOVER/ESA_WORLDCOVER_10M_2020_V100/S2RGBNIR/ESA_WorldCover_10m_2020_v100_N49E005_S2RGBNIR.tif


Dear Petru,  The S1VVVHratio_10m_2020_V1 and S2RGBNIR_10m_2020_V1 collections haven't been opened up for download, hence the authorization issue. The collections are publicly viewable in the catalogue however, because they are needed to display the data in the Worldcover viewer. We'll check internally how to make this more clear towards the user community.
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