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Access to Sentinel1 backscatter and Sentinel1 6 day coherence

Hello!   I would like to do some some test regarding processing (extracting timeseries) from Sentinel data. I wrote some scripts that do the job on a dias (ONDA dias), but I would like to test if I get them running on terrascope as well. I already found the Sentinel2 data (in  /data/sentinel_data/sentinel2/raw/l2a_esa/2019/*) but I'd like to test processing sentinel1 backscatter and sentinel1 6 day coherence as well. Is this data available somewhere as well? Regards, Pieter


Hi Pieter, we don't have the coherence data yet, but are working hard to make it available. If you need a sample, we can provide it to you. Actually, all the data is stored in /data/MTDA/CGS_S1/ and /data/MTDA/CGS_S2/. To make data easier to find, there is a catalog client that does the searching for you. There is a demo python script in /data/users/Public/ts_demo_01/DemoCatalogClient.py that should give you a better idea. For Sentinel-1 backscatter, use the CGS_S1_GRD_SIGMA0_L1 product. It is already converted to GEOTIFF, so it will be easier to use than the ZIP files from ESA. Good luck! Let us know if you have any questions.  Jurgen

Great, thanks. The catalogclient also looks interesting...
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