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Mail from Service Monitoring on icinga.intern.vgt.vito.be

I got an email with subject: '[PROBLEM] disks on carolient is UNKNOWN!' What does this mean? Any action needed from my side? Thank you   Email says: ***** Service Monitoring on icinga.intern.vgt.vito.be *****   disks on carolient is UNKNOWN!   Info:    Remote Icinga instance 'carolient.vitovm.rscloud.vito.be' is not connected to 'icinga.intern.vgt.vito.be'   When:    2020-02-11 09:11:11 +0100 Service: disks Host:    carolient.vitovm.rscloud.vito.be Groups:   uservms, uservm_prd IPv4:   Comment by icinga-admin:   The root disk on your PROBA-V MEP/Terrascope is almost full. Please use the $HOME/Private and $HOME/Public folders to store your data. If the root disk is full, you won't be able to login anymore.


OK, thanks for the fast reply!

This email can be safely ignored. We just updated our certificate on Icinga (since it was about to expire). This email is a consequence of that update. Apologies for the confusing email.
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