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Public IP Address

Dear Support, we moved the machine from the old system to the one. We had a public IP address and we need it for our service. Is this still possible? I found only private addresses in the if-config.  Our service is expose API that has to be called from other client and servers, so we need a public address. Thank you very much for your support. Best Paolo


Thank you very much for support.

Dear Paolo, redirection to the new VM instance should be ok now. Regards, The Proba-V MEP / Terrascope team

Dear Support Team, do you have news about redirecting http://wasdi.vgt.vito.be/ to the new Virtual Machine? I really would need to test the new installation. Thank you Paolo

Ok the nginx proxy is configured. Now, from inside, with wget I correctly receive the index.html of WASDI. Let me know when this will be testable with the public address http://wasdi.vgt.vito.be/ Thank you very much Paolo    

Yes exactly it is! It is ok with 80 port: I'm going to configure the nginx proxy now.  Thank you very much! Best Paolo

Dear Paolo, you are probably referring to the service exposed via http://wasdi.vgt.vito.be/? We can redirect the traffic to port 80 on your new VM, but it looks like only a Tomcat process is listening on port 8080. Can you let us know which port we should use to redirect the traffic to? Regards, The Proba-V MEP / Terrascope team
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