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REST http requests toward VM

Dear team,  we would like to investigate with you if there is the possibilty to access the VM via http. Our need is to send REST http requests from our GIS infrastructure to associate the geospatial data with satellite imagery.  At the moment we access a VM with a basic configuration and we would like to know if this feature is included or if it can be foreseen in a new configuration and what is in case the procedure to be followed to have it. Thanks!


Thank you for your question. No, we don't have http access to the VMs, and we are not planning to add this. If you need to use satellite imagery in your GIS, we do offer web services that can help you with that (https://docs.terrascope.be/#/Developers/WebServices/Services). and if you want to process data that we hold, you may want to consider using openEO (https://docs.terrascope.be/#/Developers/WebServices/OpenEO/OpenEO). Perhaps you have another use case that I did not consider. In that case, please use the contact form on the bottom of this page, so that we can contact you directly.

Many thanks for the quick reply. We will explore the suggested solutions and for additional doubt we come back to you.
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