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Looking for good ideas

Hi, we're always looking for feedback to improve the Terrascope website, viewer and data access. Leave us a note if you have a brilliant idea!


Time series based on PROBA-V derived products are available via the PROB-V MEP Time series viewer (see https://proba-v-mep.esa.int). In the Terrascope viewer, you can generate Sentinel-2 based timeseries. Go to "Areas of interest", draw a polygon, and use the "Show info" button.

Dear VITO   You display fAPAR Anomaly from Copernicus. Is there a way (I haven't found it yet) to display NDVI Anomaly for PROBA V? The reason for my request is that you display NDVI absolute values for polygons and points, but no NDVI Anomaly. You display fAPAR Anomaly for a whole region, but not for a "polygons". It would help to display the time series of anomalies for a specific polygon. As of today, with NDVI and fAPAR in your tool, it's either/or. It would help. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for your suggestion. It is more related to the PROBA-V MEP Time series viewer than to Terrascope, but we will inform the PROBA-V MEP team.
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