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Please Keep Terrascope Safe

Please keep the Terrascope Platform safe. Please spread this message to the Terrascope Team of VITO (Please let every member of Terrascope Platform be aware of this situation). There're some information I think I may need to share with you VITO guys.  (You can check my detailed post here: https://snowice.yourenvybook.ml/please-keep-terrascope-safe.html)


The free userVM may lead to a huge attraction to the Netizens "Mobs" from India, China, Middle East Asia and some Russian Speaking Countries to cause harm or sabotage the Terrascope Platform . BE CAREFUL! Trust me, Y0U SHOULD, Seriously. The Chinese netizens and netizens from Middle East Asia are in eager to seek free Proxy/VPN Servers to break their national internet censorship. For example, the Chinese netizens mobs already caused: 1. The end of IBM Cloud Foundry free container 2. The end of Heroku free dynos for heavy abuse of Proxy/VPN Service use 3. The GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Free Trial from 1 year free to 3 months free also for their heavy abuse of Proxy/VPN Service use

They're the mobs in big quantity, they're the criminals in big quantity, they're the unsettle in big quantity, they're the really trouble makers in so big quantity. It's really terrifying and scares me a lot. I'm really concerned that Terrascope would be the Next VictimI do really want the Terrascope platform free of any P2P/Torrents caused digital copyright lawsuitsI do want the Terrascope platform be safe from these Netizens Mobs.

So how to fix this problem ? Here're my suggestions: Plan A (Highly Recommended): Stop accepting new userVM request from new users, kindly ask them to use the Jupyter Notebook Service instead. Or Plan B (Recommended, But not highly recommended): Kindly ask the new user to provide vaild Credit Card Payment for Validations. For example, integrating the Stripe Payment System for small amount credit card validation check (which may requires some work for risk control) and Prepaid card (or virtual/e-card) is not accepted. A random times credit card check later also required in case they may limit or lock their credit cards after validation, or Fixed Prepaid account balance is required. So if there's a abuse or TOS violation, A valid credit card can be charged (or the prepaid account balance can be held). Or Plan C (Not recommended, because these documents and data can be forged. It's really easy for these Netizens Mobs to forge some KYC materials): Do some KYC(Konw Your Customer) work check, eg. requiring valid Passport or offical government-issued ID card check and selfie video vaildations for new users. Please make Plan A or Plan B effective immediatelyPlease take actions now before it's too late. Please, Have a internal serious discussion and make decisions about this ISSUE/PROBLEM, You VITO Guys (or the Terrascope Team). Please, do something effective before it's to late.

Yes, without any doubts. You can check my detailed post here:   https://mikael-eriksson-snowice-yourenvybook-ml-production.layer0-limelight.link/please-keep-terrascope-safe.html#q-a     (Please ignore the dead link of https://snowice.yourenvybook.ml/please-keep-terrascope-safe.html above,  just check the link here: https://mikael-eriksson-snowice-yourenvybook-ml-production.layer0-limelight.link/please-keep-terrascope-safe.html)

Thank you for your message and your concern. We take the safety and security of our Terrascope platform very seriously. We understand that usability is also a key aspect of any successful platform, and we are constantly working to find a balance between usability and security. Our team is continuously monitoring and updating our systems to ensure that your experience on the Terrascope platform is as smooth as possible. Based on your input, we identified a number of improvements which will be rolled out during the upcoming days and weeks.
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