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X2go in Win11 - warning 'Deprecated option UsePrivilegeSeparation' causes a failure in sharing folders functionality

Issue: Every time I open x2go I get this warning: /cygdrive/C/Users/<my_username>/.x2go/etc/sshd_config line 3:  Deprecated option UsePrivilegeSeparation. It causes problems to get filesharing on Windows working - I didn't have this issue in Win 10 but I experienced this problem in Win11  I've resolved it by: Launch the Windows Terminal by right-clicking on the Start button. From the drop-down option near the + symbol, select the Settings menu (down caret "v") - Goto Settings - On the panel that opens, on the left side select Startup - On the right side, change "default terminal application" to "Windows Console Host" - Click Save -  Now if you execute the X2go client the popup window no longer appears and the x2go shared folders functionality works
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