How-to videos

Discover more about Terrascope's products and web services through the how-to videos and online EO4GEO courses. If you still have a specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Terrascope releases its first EO browser

Terraviewer - compare feature

How to request a VM user

How to access your VM using SSH

How to access your VM using X2GO

EO4GEO online training

Accessing EO data using Terrascope

Use this online EO4GEO training to learn how you can easily access satellite data and web services via the Terrascope platform. This course will get you started and give more information on how to integrate with the software applications you are already using.

  • How to access the data and web services on Terrascope?
  • Getting started with Analysis Ready Data
  • Downloading data using Terrascope Viewer, OpenSearch Catalogue, web services or the time series service
  • Accessing data using the virtual research environment

EO4GEO online training

Terrascope Application Development

Via this application-oriented EO4GEO training you will discover how to get started in order to develop your own applications via the Terrascope platform.

  • How to develop applications via Terrascope
  • Getting started with the Virtual Environments
  • Accessing Terrascope Notebooks
  • Exercises
  • Interactive Exercise on Phenology Use Case
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