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New data and services in 2023

Terrascope never stops evolving. Discover which new data and services are available or can be expected later this year.

New default Python interpreter

The Terrascope Virtual Machines and Jupyter Notebooks will switch from Python 3.5 to the new default Python interpreter 3.6.8. 

TerraCatalogue supports an experimental STAC API

Next to the OpenSearch service, the TerraCatalogue now also supports an experimental STAC API. Read more about this new STAC API.

New Chlorophyll-a products available in Terrascope

Access new and improved Chlorophyll-a products via Terrascope. Chlorophyll-a products of Belgium are always available via the Terrascope viewer, EO services and openEO platform. Other regions can be processed upon request.

Terrascope used in new ESERO Climate Detectives course

ESERO Belgium, the educational programme of the European Space Agency in Belgium, uses Terrascope in its brand new courses for secondary education. The goal is to learn secondary school students the added value of using EO data to improve climate change monitoring. The trainings include material to investigate a concrete climate-related problem – in this case flooding event in 2021 in the Yser Valley.

Terrascope Sentinel-2 satellite

Restoring missing data

Some Sentinel-2 data are temporarily unavailable on Terrascope. During the implementation of the new Sentinel data retention policy a technical error occurred which led to the removal of data that should have stayed available. The data is already being restored and will be available again as soon as possible. Discover more about which data are missing and when they will be available again.

‘How green is my municipality’ adds a new land cover classification map

Discover the new 2020 land cover map in the ‘How green is my municipality’ website.

New rolling archive policy for Sentinel data

Terrascope provides a wide variety of Earth observation data, including various data sets from the Sentinel satellites. Here's overview of which data is available over Belgium or other countries and how long the data remains available.

Reprocessing of Sentinel-2 vegetation indices

We hereby inform you that we found an error in the vegetation indices for the products within the period 25/01/2022 – 10/05/2022. The error has been rectified in the NRT processing and data since 11/05/2022 are correct. Discover more about the reprocessing of the other Sentinel-2 vegetation products.

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