Satellite imagery for a well-balanced environment

Natuur en Milieu

Take a look at biodiversity and your environment from a distance

Our landscape blend has a major impact on biodiversity and the environment. Think of the balance between green and urban landscapes. And between living, nature and industry. Satellite imagery shows you the big picture. And they help to manage climate change.

Land use, green and climate in the blink of an eye

Easily zooming in on the entire land use

Belgium covers 30,688 km2 . 20% consists of forest. And 16% is built up. With our satellites, you can view land use within that entire space up to a resolution of 10 metres – with Sentinel-2.

Focusing on vegetation with all its facets

Our satellites provide you with a comprehensive insight into green spaces. What about photosynthesis activity? And how green are our municipalities? You will never lose sight of vegetation.



view your environment

Mapping out climate change

What is the impact of climate change on our environment? How does land temperature evolve? And how does drought impact our landscape? Our satellite images shape your view of climate..

How green is your municipality shows you the long-term usage statistics per municipality quickly and easily

Satellites, the obvious choice

Continental crop type mapping with openEO

This case explains how you can use openEO to produce continental crop type maps. Discover more about the possibilities, setup and challenges.

Remote sensing solutions for water management

Discover how Rijkswaterstaat (the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in The Netherlands) uses remote sensing solutions to monitor water surfaces.

Satellites for Nature & Environment applications



Day and night. Rain or shine. The reliable Sentinel-1 always delivers usable radar data.



Unprecedented insight into what is changing in our environment, from woods to coast and everything in between.



Sentinel-3  delivers highly accurate and reliable optical, thermal and altitude data for marine and land use.


Sentinel-5 Precursor is designed to daily observe and monitor various atmospheric components and air quality.



Mini-satellite that monitored our Earth’s surface every day for more than 7 years.

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