Urban Heat Island mapping with combined Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 observations

Discover a preview application which combines Sentinel-3-derived Land Surface Temperature (LST) and Sentinel-2 reflectance data to improve the nominal 1 km LST to 20 m in order to provide detailed information on for example the Urban Heat Island effect.

WorldCover: worldwide land cover mapping

Discover more about WorldCover, the new baseline land cover product at 10 resolution based on Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data.

Monitoring deformation of bridges using Sentinel-1

In the MOSCI project, IMDC and VITO looked into the feasibility of using InSAR technology to monitor deformation of large structures. This remote sensing technology uses freely available Sentinel-1 data which allows us to monitor e.g. hundreds of bridges at the same time.


Automatic redevelopment sites monitoring using Sentinel data

Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data for urban planning and land management.

TerraFlood use case

TerraFlood: mapping and monitoring floods using Sentinel-1 data

TerraFlood is a Virtual Machine application to provides spatially consistent flood observations independent of weather conditions.

FARSEER to monitor vector-borne diseases

Forecasting and monitoring vector-borne diseases with FARSEER

Discover more about FARSEER, an online tool which uses satellite data from MODIS, VIIRS, PROBA-V and Sentinel to forecast and monitor vector-borne diseases in order to prevent the next outbreak.

Californian wildfires monitoring with Sentinel-5P TROPOMI

Monitoring atmospheric gases during wildfires

Discover how we can monitor formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, emitted by the Australian and Californian wildfires, by using Sentinel-5P TROPOMI.

air pollution

Measuring Nitrogen Dioxide From Space

The TROPOMI satellite instrument on Sentinel-5P provides daily global pollution measurements. Combined with airborne measurements, we can detect and monitor anthropogenic emissions.

Case cropmap

Cropmap: never guess at crops again

Cropmap: all Belgian arable land in one app

Terrascope WaterMonitor

WaterMonitor: detecting algae by satellite

Some algae can lead to major health issues for humans and animals.

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