Satellite images for a better view on water and coast

Water & Kust intro

From stable quays to optimum water quality

Satellite imagery provides you with a view of the hard and soft infrastructure of our water bodies: 

 -  Hard infrastructure – Using radar data, you can monitor the stability of locks, quays and dikes, among others.

 -  Soft infrastructure – Optical data helps you to measure water quality regularly and to detect pollution in a timely and targeted manner. 

Huge water surfaces observed at once

Dikes and quays remain in excellent condition

With thorough analysis of radar data, movements of only a few millimetres a year can be detected. So you know when it is time for stabilisation works on quays, locks or dikes.

Ample overview of water quality

Optical satellite imagery tells you a lot about water quality: for example, is it polluted by oil, or are harmful algae present? Combined with local sampling, your vision is complete.



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Data for authorities, engineers and dredgers

Satellite data serves several purposes: authorities simply track marine traffic and map flood plains. Dredging companies are subsequently able to check how much sediment they dislodge.

WaterMonitor maps a large number of Flemish water bodies

How Water & Coast and satellites work together today

Remote sensing solutions for water management

Discover how Rijkswaterstaat (the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in The Netherlands) uses remote sensing solutions to monitor water surfaces.

WorldCover: worldwide land cover mapping

Discover more about WorldCover, the global land cover products at 10 m resolution for 2020 and 2021 based on Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data.

Satellites for Water & Coast applications



Day and night. Rain or shine. The reliable Sentinel-1 always delivers usable radar data.



Unprecedented insight into what is changing in our environment, from woods to coast and everything in between.



Sentinel-3  delivers highly accurate and reliable optical, thermal and altitude data for marine and land use.


Sentinel-5 Precursor is designed to daily observe and monitor various atmospheric components and air quality.



Mini-satellite that monitored our Earth’s surface every day for more than 7 years.

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