Satellite imagery for more efficient agriculture

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Always on top of your harvest

Our open-source satellite imagery helps you to predict harvests, improve yields and assess damage after a storm or drought. A win-win situation for authorities, farmers, suppliers and customers, who can rely on frequently updated data.

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Proactive collaboration between government and farmer

Is a parcel eligible for subsidies? Is there sufficient variety in the crops? Our recent satellite imagery will tell you. This is useful for the decision-making process. In addition, it streamlines the consultation between farmer and authority.

Input for pricing and damage analyses

With satellite imagery you can see more than with the naked eye. It delivers quick and frequent information about your crops and even allows you to see through the plants. In this way, you can always access frequent and objective information to predict the harvest or price evolution, or to record drought or storm damage.



search your fields via satellite

Objective view for optimum harvest

As a farmer, you use satellite imagery to monitor the growth and health of your crops. This also provides you with an objective view of how e.g. corn, wheat or potatoes are doing in the middle of your field. You will be able to take timely and specific actions and thus be able to reduce the use of pesticides.

The crop map gives an annual estimate of the agricultural landscape in Belgium

How Agriculture and satellites work together today

Case cropmap

Cropmap: never guess at crops again

Cropmap: all Belgian arable land in one app


WatchITgrow improves cultivation with satellites

WatchITgrow: Digital crop monitoring to increase yields, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Satellites for Agriculture applications



Global vegetation on the map



land and sea data from space.

available from 2020



Unprecedented view of Earth



Always useful, even when the skies are overcast.

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