EO4GEO aims to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of education and training in the space/geospatial sectors. Terrascope provides tools and web services, hereby supporting the uptake and integration of space/geospatial solutions in a broad range of application domains.

EO data exploration and analysis platform

In the EO4GEO project we develop an innovative strategy for skills development and capacity building in the EO/GI field. The Terrascope platform supports this by providing interactive tools that gives basic insights into the Earth observation world, as well as offering a cloud based environment where students can work on specific scenarios that require earth observation skills.

Easy access

For the Terrascope tools that require you to log in as a user, you can use EduGain single sign-in.

Terrascope tools & web services

The main tools provided by the Terrascope platform are:

  • Jupyter notebooks are well known and can be used both for building assignments where students need to program, as building interactive dashboards.
  • Virtual research environment allows students and teachers to obtain a pre-configured virtual machine, with direct access to all tools and data needed for a particular exercise.
  • The Terrascope viewer, which allows visual data browsing and export. A student can compare images or create animations with a few clicks.
  • OpenEO, which provides you a standardized API for processing EO data, also included in PROBA-V MEP/Terrascope environment.

EO4GEO online training

Accessing EO data using Terrascope

Use this online EO4GEO training to learn how you can easily access satellite data and web services via the Terrascope platform. This course will get you started and give more information on how to integrate with the software applications you are already using.

  • How to access the data and web services on Terrascope?
  • Getting started with Analysis Ready Data
  • Downloading data using Terrascope Viewer, OpenSearch Catalogue, web services or the time series service
  • Accessing data using the virtual research environment

EO4GEO online training

Terrascope Application Development

Via this application-oriented EO4GEO training you will discover how to get started in order to develop your own applications via the Terrascope platform.

  • How to develop applications via Terrascope
  • Getting started with the Virtual Environments
  • Accessing Terrascope Notebooks
  • Exercises
  • Interactive Exercise on Phenology Use Case
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