Open-source satellite images? Well spotted.

How sound are our roads and bridges, dikes and tunnels? Can they still handle heavier loads? Our high-quality satellite images will give you more control over infrastructures.

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Water & Kust intro

Water & Coast

Satellite imagery for a clear view of water and coast.

Natuur en Milieu

Nature & Environment

Our landscape blend has a major impact on biodiversity and the environment.

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Satellite imagery for flawless infrastructure

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Our open-source satellite imagery helps you to predict harvests, improve yields and assess damage after a storm or drought.

This is how Terrascope helps your colleagues


Automatic redevelopment sites monitoring using Sentinel data

Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data for urban planning and land management.

TerraFlood use case

TerraFlood: mapping and monitoring floods using Sentinel-1 data

TerraFlood is a Virtual Machine application to provides spatially consistent flood observations independent of weather conditions.

Measuring Nitrogen Dioxide From Space

The TROPOMI satellite instrument on Sentinel-5P provides daily global pollution measurements. Combined with airborne measurements, we can detect and monitor anthropogenic emissions.

air pollution
Case cropmap

Cropmap: never guess at crops again

Cropmap: all Belgian arable land in one app

Superior quality

Open Source

Open Source

With our Terrascope viewer, you will always have quality information from European satellites within reach. This data has already been processed for you using various data layers. And free of charge.


Search, compare and export your satellite images with our user-friendly viewer. You can also animate the data to enhance your reports and files.


Satellites orbit Earth continuously. As long as the weather cooperates, you can count on recent images for flawless analyses.

Use views from 4 satellites



Day and night. Rain or shine. The reliable Sentinel-1 always delivers usable radar data.



Unprecedented insight into what is changing in our environment, from woods to coast and everything in between.



Sentinel-3  delivers highly accurate and reliable optical, thermal and altitude data for marine and land use .

will become available in 2020


Sentinel-5 Precursor is designed to daily observe and monitor various atmospheric components and air quality.



Mini-satellite that charts all of our planet's vegetation almost on a daily basis.


Terrascope in a nutshell

With the Terrascope online platform, VITO makes open-source satellite images easily accessible to all users, free of charge. It provides professionals from a wide range of industries - from agriculture to water management - with maps, animations and reports to help them make informed decisions. Well spotted.

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