CropSAR to improve the time series service

CropSAR technology to improve the time series service

Satellite data has been increasingly used in several agricultural monitoring services. Worldwide systematic observations of e.g. optical vegetation indexes are well established proxies to give early insights on crop conditions, but what if clouds obscure the view?
CropSAR, a new operational image processing service, now allows us to look through the clouds and upscale our agricultural monitoring efforts.

The CropSAR technology has been added to upscale the time series service in our EO browser. When you use the area of interest functionality, and show the info of an area, the FAPAR value is now derived from CropSAR, which integrates Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data to overcome quality loss due to clouded days.

Discover it yourself at or read more in Kristof Van Tricht’s blog post ‘Looking through the clouds to improve crop monitoring’.

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