EOplaza releases new subscription packages

Order more credits to scale up executions

As of August 8, 2023 Terrascope's EOplaza will offer all available data and services via credits. All users receive a free balance of 1 000 credits which is replenished every month. Users that need more data or services, can select one of the subscription packages to order more credits and scale up executions.

  Free balance Basic Advanced University / Research Institute
Price Included 100 EUR/month 500 EUR/month 2 400 EUR for 6 months
Credits 1 000 10 000 60 000 24 000

Users can choose a monthly subscription or a one-time payment if only a limited amount of additional credits are needed.  Additional credits can also be purchased via ESA’ Network of Resources and the openEO platform, allowing users to request sponsorship for the credits they order. Users can consult their credit balance at any time via their personal user dashboard.

Discover more about the subscription packages at https://portal.terrascope.be/pages/pricing or contact the support team via eoplaza@terrascope.be if you need more specific information or want to request a project sponsoring.

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