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Discover our webinars and learn more about the use of EO data and services for several applications

Via our Terrascope webinars we want to present and demonstrate how EO data and services are used, in research activities and operational services. Experts from different sectors show how Earth observation data and services give us the possibility to achieve more.

Discover how to access massive amounts of data faster than ever before, combine data and use the latest technology, retrieve clear and objective information for critical decisions or new policies, … 

Join us for one or more webinars and discover how Terrascope can make your work easier. After the presentation you will be able to ask questions and chat with the experts.


  • Registration: register for one or more webinar via the buttons below, participation link(s) will be send as soon as you completed your registration
  • Target audience: everyone interested in the use of satellite data and image processing services to gather objective information and/or develop online tools for various end-user applications
  • Language: the webinars will be presented in English.

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Access and use of Sentinel-3 data products

The SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V satellite missions collected vegetation related information from 1998 to 2020. To continue this long term data series, we now turn to Sentinel-3. The Sentinel-3 Level-2 synergy (SYN) products rely on the combination of input products of the OLCI and SLSTR instruments. The Sentinel-3 SYN VGT products are designed to provide surface vegetation products, similar to those obtained from the VEGETATION (VGT) instrument onboard the SPOT satellites. 

Carolien Toté will explain more about:

  • What are the Sentinel-3 SYN VGT products and how are they generated?
  • What is the consistency between SYN VGT and the SPOT-VGT / PROBA-V archives? What are possible sources of inconsistencies?
  • How to access and use the data?

Carolien Toté - VITO Remote Sensing

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Webinar 28 March 2023

Monitoring wind speed with Sentinel-1 radar data

With the energy transition in full swing, marine wind speed is an invaluable parameter to find areas suitable for offshore wind farms. Moreover, it influences oil spill propagation, sediment transport, etc. Thanks to the sensor’s all-weather observation capacity and sensitivity to surface roughness, radar data provided by the Sentinel-1 satellite are ideal to monitor marine wind speed.

During this webinar, Lisa Landuyt explains more about:

  • the Sentinel-1 Level-2 OCeaN products
  • how to monitor wind speed through time and space
  • how to analyze the wind energy potential in offshore areas




Lisa Landuyt - VITO Remote Sensing

Webinar 27 September 2022

The larger openEO Platform service

The openEO service that we offer via Terrascope has evolved into the larger openEO Platform service and is now also available via Terrascope EOplaza, the platform to access and offer a variety of high-quality EO services. This gives you as a user access to full archives of Copernicus and USGS data, together with large-scale processing capacity that can be reached through an easily installable, user-friendly library in your preferred environment (Python, Jupyter, R, JavaScript, ...).

Together with the uptake of the openEO Platform, the openEO standard is also supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and proposed towards the Open Geospatial Consortium as a standard for access and analytics of earth observation data cubes.
In this webinar, we’ll explain how these evolutions make it worthwhile to use the openEO Platform as a new tool to your EO data science toolbox. Join us 27 September and discover:

  • how we created a continental crop-type map using openEO
  • the various options to receive or purchase a subscription on the platform
  • the evolutions in the EO platform ecosystem, and where openEO fits in


Jeroen Dries - VITO Remote Sensing

Webinar 7 July 2022

A platform to connect end users and service providers

Discover Terrascope EOplaza, a brand new platform to access and offer a variety of high-quality EO data and services. Terrascope EOplaza will support you, take away the hassle and allow both end users and service providers to connect, interact and collaborate.

View the webinar recording and discover more about:

  • access, process and store massive amounts of data in one place
  • use additional processing and storage space
  • create faster and better analyses
  • easily communicate with the service provider
  • implement your service into our Terrascope framework






Hande Erdem & Bram Janssen - VITO Remote Sensing

Webinar 15 March 2022

WorldCover, the global land cover map at 10 m resolution

In October 2021, ESA’s WorldCover consortium released a new global land cover map at 10 m resolution, providing valuable information for many applications such as biodiversity, food security, carbon assessment and climate modelling.

Ruben Van De Kerchove, WorldCover project manager, will introduce you to this new benchmark land cover product based on both Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data. View this webinar to learn more about WorldCover and how this new global map can benefit your application.

  • Introduction to the WorldCover project
  • Methodology, data and validation 
  • The WorldCover 2020 map and online viewer
  • How to access for free the  WorldCover map 
  • User feedback & lessons learned 
  • WorldCover 2021

Ruben Van De Kerchove - VITO Remote Sensing

Webinar 18 January 2022

TerraFlood: Near-real time flood monitoring with Sentinel data

During this webinar, Lisa Landuyt explained how Sentinel satellite data and other EO services, available in Terrascope, were combined to develop TerraFlood, a tool for near-real time flood monitoring. The methodology was developed in collaboration with the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) and was also used to map the devastating floods that hit Belgium in the summer of 2021. View this webinar and learn more about:

  • Sentinel-1 and its potential for water quality monitoring 
  • TerraFlood flood mapping algorithm
  • Flood maps and derived products available through Terrascope





Lisa Landuyt - VITO Remote Sensing

Webinar 7 December 2021

Monitoring very slow construction motion

Monitoring infrastructures subject to small motions is very expensive and time-consuming. By using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) techniques, we can monitor man-made structures like bridges over time and obtain subsidence time-series. In this webinar Yves Impens and Mehrdad Moshtaghi will explain more about bridge monitoring requirements and InSAR time-series using Sentinel-1 data from Terrascope.

  • Bridge monitoring in Flanders
  • InSAR method and use cases
  • Deformation time-series over bridges

Yves Impens - Flanders Mobility and Public Infrastructure Agency (MOW)  &  Mehrdad Moshtaghi - VITO Remote Sensing

Webinar 23 November 2021

Using Terrascope products to support disease management

In this webinar Guy Hendrickx explains more about the role of Earth observation in disease management. You will discover examples based on the experience of the Avia-GIS team and the products they derive from the Terrascope platform. View this webinar to learn more about:

  • What is disease management? 
  • Which environmental covarites are required? 
  • How does Terrascope contribute to disease management?



Guy Hendrickx - Avia-GIS

Webinar 9 November 2021

Monitoring water quality with satellites and drones

In view of the water-quality related products that will be made available via Terrascope later this year, Liesbeth De Keukelaere and Els Knaeps explain more about monitoring water quality with satellite data and demonstrate a drone-based processing workflow to visualize water bodies like a river, lake or coastal area. View this webinar to find out more about the data and how to access the end-user products:

  • Water-quality products in Terrascope
  • Use cases based on satellite data
  • MAPEO Water: a drone-based data processing workflow to visualize water bodies
  • Use cases based on drone data


Liesbeth De Keukelaere and Els Knaeps - VITO Remote Sensing

Webinar 26 October 2021

Sentinel data supports automatic monitoring of redevelopment sites!

During this webinar you will discover how Sentinel satellite data and EO services, available in Terrascope, were used to develop an online tool to automatically monitor redevelopment sites. The developed methodology has been applied to a multitude of sites spread over the Walloon region in Belgium. Sophie Petit  demonstrated how remote sensing can support urban planning and explained more about:

  • Handling Sentinel data in Terrascope 
  • Implementing a technical workflow for change detection and classification
  • Alternative environment in Terrascope for extensive data
  • Benefits for urban planning and other applications
Sophie Petit - ISSeP

Webinar 12 October 2021

Crop monitoring with combined satellite data

On Tuesday 12 October 2021 Jeroen Degerickx gave a webinar on combining Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 for a better monitoring of crop production. Review the webinar to learn more about:

  • CropSAR: monitoring agricultural fields through the clouds
  • Building even further: downstream applications build on CropSAR
  • Crop calendars: what happens on the field and when?
  • Pixel-based CropSAR
  • Towards a versatile yield estimation: user-specific training of yield estimation models

Jeroen Degerickx - VITO Remote Sensing

Webinar 28 September 2021

Monitoring atmospheric gases and air pollution with satellite data

In this webinar Isabelle De Smedt explained more about monitoring atmospheric gases and air pollution with satellite data. Review the webinar recording or share it with your network.

  • Observing changes of Nitrogen Dioxide from space
  • Monitoring atmospheric gases during wildfires
  • How to access NO2 and CO column densities at a global scale via the EO viewer
  • New and improved products (TROPOMI, NO2, HCHO, ... ) coming in 2022


Isabelle De Smedt - BIRA-IASB

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