Updates Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter Notebooks updates to increase usability

The Jupyter Notebooks environment, offered to quickly access and process data, has been updated. Here’s an overview of the changes and updates that were made to enhance the usability.

  • The Jupyter Notebooks can now be used to write, execute, and share Python 3.11 code.
  • The code samples have been updated to take the new Python version into account.
  • Several openEO samples have been integrated to show its capabilities.
  • We no longer support executing R code in the Jupyter Notebooks environment due to low usage.
  • Support for submitting Spark job has been removed due to a complicated setup. We encourage you to use openEO for similar requests which eases the process.

For more information about the Jupyter Notebooks Environment can be found in the documentation portal.

If have any other requests, you can contact our user support by sending an email to info@terrascope.be

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