Terrascope Webinars 2020

Terrascope webinar recordings 2020 online available

In our Terrascope webinars, we explained  more about Terrascope's services. We not only showed which EO data and services are available but also gave a hands-on demo to show how these are already used in end-user applications. From monitoring water quality to measuring nitrogen dioxide over combining satellite data and artificial intelligence to create an overview of our agricultural landscape!

Are you interested to see how satellite data can support you in your daily work? Or are you already using Earth observation data and services and looking for some new ideas or guidelines on how to improve your skills? View our Terrascope webinar 2020 recordings and discover the possibilities, new features, operational use cases and what’s still to come.

  • Target audience: everyone interested in the use of satellite data and image processing services for various end-user applications
  • Language: the webinars were presented in English

Webinar 8 December 2020

Free and open access to satellite data and services


  • What is Terrascope?
  • Available user interfaces:

    • Terrascope free public viewer to easily access satellite data

    • Specialist interfaces

  • Hands-on demo on how to use the Terrascope viewer:
    • Search, view and download satellite data
    • Explore images over time
    • Compare images
    • Find trends
  • What’s coming in 2021?

Webinar 15 December 2020

Getting more done with Terrascope


  • Using Sentinel data in your application 
    • OCG webservices
    • Time series services
  • Creating your own workflows
    • Finding the right data: TerraCatalogue
    • Data processing (Notebooks, VMs)


Webinar recording

Getting started with EO data and services

Review the recording of our webinar 'Getting started with EO data and services' or share it with your network.

Webinar recording

Developing applications using web and cloud services

Review the recording of our webinar 'How to develop applications using cloud and web services' or share it with your network.

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