Unprecedented view of Earth

The Sentinel-2 mission consists of 2 polar-orbiting satellites that return over the same location every 5 days. There they image the Earth under constant sun elevation. They generate multispectral images covering a 290-km wide strip (e.g., from Calais to Verviers) and with a resolution up to 10 m – allowing viewers to distinguish single-family homes.

The satellites provide an unprecedented view of Earth and changes in vegetation, land and water masses, waterways and coastal areas.


View the vegetation with Sentinel-2



  • images in natural colours, created from blue, green and red colours





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Color + infrared

  • shows colour images based on green, red and infrared colours
  • shows vegetation in red




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  • Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation
  • shows the photosynthesis activity of green vegetation
  • a higher fAPAR value means a healthier growth


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Normalized Difference Vegetation Index - NDVI

  • translates the amount of vegetation into figures




Leaf Area Index - LAI

  • describes the density of the vegetation cover, so it is a biomass indicator



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  • expresses the amount of green vegetation per square metre



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