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Authentication Failed or Closed Network Connection Troubles

Hi Terrascope colleagues,  Did anyone have trouble to access Virtual Machine environment via Putty and/or X2GO? When I try to access via: 1. Putty I receive the following pop up message: PuTTY Fatal Error / Remote side unexpectedly closed network connection 2. X2Go I receive the following pop up message: Authentication failed / Socket error: disconnected I would appreciate if someone can help to solve this issue.


Hi dargains, There seemed to be an issue with your Virtual Machine. In the meantime this should be resolved. Can you try to login again? Sorry for the inconvenience! Kind regards, Terrascope team

Everything (Putty and X2Go) is working fine now! I take this opportunity to wish you and the Terrascope team a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  

Dear Terrascope Colleagues, I am having real trouble accessing Terrascope VM environment. Whenever I put my password in, this is what I get: "Access denied for 'password. Authentication that can continue: publickey,password. Does anybody have any clue regarding what would 'publickey' here means, and where I can get such a 'publickey' to put before my password? Many thanks in advance, marnas

Different members from our team just tested the connection to your vm from inside and outside our network.  Seems to work fine.  Can you please try again and follow the instructions in your confirmation e-mail? No public key is needed, the user and password for accessing your vm are the same as for accessing this forum.  

Tip : Replace the portnumber 22000 of the documentation with the portnumber in  your mail 24xxx

Dear verheyey, Dear Colleagues, I have at last been able to get to Terrascope VM. It needed someone to make it happen from your end. Many thanks to you for your kind help and follow-up. Kind regards. marnas
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