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Problems with jblas when running SNAP

Hello everyone, <br><br> I'm trying to run processes from the Sentinel 1 toolbox of SNAP in the Terrascope VM, but I keep getting this or similar errors: `RuntimeError: Executing processing graph org.jblas.NativeBlas.dgemm(CCIIID[DII[DIID[DII)V`. A corresponding forum thread [1] suggests there is a problem with the SNAP version or the package libgfortran3, so I updated SNAP to 8.0.5 and tried installing available libgfortran packages (`sudo yum install -y libgfortran.x86_64 libgfortran-static.x86_64 libgfortran4.x86_64 libgfortran5.x86_64`), but it didn't help. <br><br> This is the case for trying to run a coherence process via the SNAP GUI, and also for running SNAP via the gpt tool of the Python pyroSAR package. <br><br> I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the S1tbx on the VM, or if this error ever occurred before? If not, it would be greatly appreciated if someone would take the time to try and reproduce my error. I put my workflow here [2]. When I load this graph into the graph tool of SNAP, it doesn't run and throws an error for the coherence process (see error message above). Does it do that on other machines as well? <br><br> Thank you in advance and best regards, <br><br> Jonathan <br><br> [1] https://forum.step.esa.int/t/error-in-sar-image-corregistration-error-nodeld-createstack-org-jblas-nativeblas-dgemm-cciiid-dii-diid-dii-v/12023 <br><br> [2] https://github.com/jonathom/coherence-docs/blob/master/SNAP_workflow.xml <br><br> P.S.: I tried to structure this via html tags, ignore if it didn't work..


The solution proposed in [1] (adding libgfortran3 through another source) did not work. It even seemed that libgfortran3 had been present before. [1] https://forum.step.esa.int/t/error-in-applying-ers-orbit-informations/23195/13

I checked out the jblas release notes:   https://github.com/jblas-project/jblas/blob/main/RELEASE_NOTES   And it seems that version 1.2.5 tries to fix some dependency related problems, by for instance including libgfortran inside the jar.   You can find that version here:   https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/jblas/jblas/1.2.5/jblas-1.2.5.jar   Can you try replacing this jar in your snap installation?
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