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Could terrascope download the S5P PAL dataset?

Due to an inconsistent of different version of TROPOMI NO2 data set, the TROPOMI official has reprocess the NO2 data  which is the PAL data( https://data-portal.s5p-pal.com/).  In tropomi offical site ,it says(http://www.tropomi.eu/data-products/nitrogen-dioxide/): The upgrade to version 2.2.0 (5 July 2021) leads to an increase of the tropospheric NO2 columns for cloud-free pixels and the previous upgrade to version 1.4.0 (2 December 2020) led to a substantial increase in the observed tropospheric NO2 column amounts over polluted areas for scenes with small cloud fractions. For time series, trend studies or comparisons between years the results versions should not be mixed without accounting for these changes, as the series would show artificial (positive) jumps. The PAL data is very important for studying the long-term trend. So, could the terrascope download the TROPOMI PAL data for users? I notice that now only have the old version data in the VM's.  Many thanks.   Sincerely, Mitch Zhang


Hi Mitch, thanks for your question. We have relayed it to our partners at BIRA/IASB. In principle, we try to offer validated products to the user, as provided via the ESA hubs. I would assume that this new product on PAL will become the standard, and then it will be used on Terrascope as well. For now, we cannot easily switch our input to PAL, and have no plans to do so. If this position changes, we will notify our users.
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