A brand new Marketplace to access and offer EO services

Match up demand and supply

Earth observation (EO) data is all around and, luckily, often openly and freely available for you to use in several applications. From crop monitoring over air pollution to water quality and flooding. The Terrascope Marketplace will support you as an end user, experienced or just getting started, to integrate EO algorithms into your research or operational application. For service providers, the Terrascope Marketplace will be a high-quality and open platform to offer and promote your EO technology and services to end users from all around the world.

Quality controlled EO services at transparent rates

The Terrascope Marketplace will better match up demand and supply, with quality controlled services at transparent rates. Especially for small EO business entities, offering an operational service can bring large costs. Just think about the substantial IT investments, development process, maintenance efforts and financial aspects that come along.
Within our Terrascope framework we have set up the Marketplace business framework that will substantially lower this cost for service providers, will bring them in close contact with end users, and will thus catalyse the services’ optimization. 

One platform to access, process and store massive amounts of data

If you are an end user, the Marketplace will offer you the possibility to access and integrate proven high-quality EO services. You will be able to: 

  • use additional processing power at a fair and transparent price, on top of our basic and free Terrascope data and processing services
  • create faster and better analyses for your research or operational applications
  • easily connect and interact with the service provider

A place to offer multiple EO services

If you are a service provider, you will be able to implement your services onto our Terrascope framework and define your own added value share as revenue. Our team will be happy to support you to make this implementation work out smoothly. Once your service is up and running, you can offer it within our large Terrascope community, reaching more than 2500 end users, and further discover their needs! 

More details on the service implementation, publication, and execution as well as on the various payment and support options will become available in January 2022 when the Marketplace is officially released. Do you want to embark as a service provider, feel free to contact us at eoplaza@terrascope.be.

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