Copernicus Digital Elevation Model now available

The Copernicus Digital Elevation Model now available via our EO viewer

As of June 28, 2021 you can access the Copernicus Digital Elevation Model via our Terrascope services. The Copernicus Digital Elevation Model is a pixel-based modelled representation of the Earth's surface, including buildings, infrastructure, and vegetation. Each pixel represents a specific elevation value. These three-dimensional (3D) representations of the Earth's surface are essential for disaster risk management. Think about mapping and assessment of disasters as well as for preparing, responding to, and preventing disasters.

After releasing the Copernicus Digital Elevation Model (DEM) GLO-90 in December 2019, ESA also confirmed the extension of the access rights of the 30 meter dataset (GLO-30) by the end of 2020 hereby confirming that the dataset will be openly available to any registered user.

As assigned Copernicus Collaborative Ground Segment entity for Belgium and proud member of Copernicus Relay and Copernicus Academy we are pleased to share these datasets via our EO viewer. This DEM is derived from an edited DSM called WorldDEMTM. The WorldDEMTM product is based on radar satellite data acquired during the TanDEM-X mission, funded by a public-private partnership between the German state, represented by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and Airbus Defence and Space.

Originally, the Copernicus DEM is delivered in 3 different instances, named EEA-10, GLO-30 and GLO-90, which have different resolutions, different geographic extents and different formats. Within Terrascope, we provide access to the two publicly available versions of the Copernicus DEM, GLO-30 and GLO-90.

  • GLO-90 provides global coverage at 90 meters
  • GLO-30 provides limited global coverage at 30 meters because a small subset of tiles covering specific countries have not yet been made public by the Copernicus program

    Note that in both cases oceans have no tiles, there one can assume height values equal to zero. The data are provided as Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs.



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