New data and services in 2023

New data and services in 2023

Terrascope is constantly expanding its offer of EO data and services. Here’s an overview of the new developments already available and what you can expect the next months. We offer new features via Terrascope EOplaza, provide access to several new Sentinel data products and are looking forward to release the improved PROBA-V data.

  • Share your workflows via EOplaza
    EOplaza is an innovative platform to share third-party services via Terrascope. EOplaza allows you to easily share new workflows with the entire Terrascope user community. This is good for our users, who can reuse workflows instead of developing new ones themselves. And it’s good for you, as you will get more visibility and receive feedback. EOplaza is already operational, so try it out.

  • Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem
    The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem is the brand new gateway to access a wide range of Earth observation data and services. The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem follows on from the success of the current Copernicus Data Hub distribution service. The service not only ensures the continuity of the open and free access to Copernicus data but also extends the portfolio for data processing and data access possibilities.

    The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem announced its initial service during the EU Space Conference in January 2023 and will be continuously upgraded over the upcoming months. The majority of the services will be available by July 1, 2023. Discover more at

  • New Sentinel-3 data products
    Next to Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-5P, we now also offer Sentinel-3 data. You can access Sentinel-3 Global Synergy (continuation of the SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V time series) and Land Surface Temperature data products.

    The Sentinel-3 2 SYN VGT products are designed to provide surface vegetation products, similar to those obtained from the VEGETATION (VGT) instrument onboard the SPOT satellites. Following the SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V long term data time series, these data allow us to create an uninterrupted time series that starts in 1998. This is a major asset to study vegetation evolution and climate change. Click here to explore the data in the Terrascope viewer.





  • Additional Sentinel-5P products
    In 2023 we will also expand our Sentinel-5P data products. At the moment we already provide access to carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide products. In collaboration with BIRA/IASB and KNMI, we will soon also offer daily, monthly and yearly global composites of:

     - atmospheric abundances of methane
     - formaldehyde
     - sulfur dioxide 

    These products are interesting to obtain better insights on atmospheric processes. For Europe, we will also introduce an improved nitrogen dioxide product. The additional data sets will be released in Spring 2023.
  • Release of improved PROBA-V data
    In Spring 2023 we can also expect the improved PROBA-V data (collection 2). This data will also be made available via the Terrascope platforms so users can exploit the data (free of charge) using the viewer, Virtual machines and Jupyter Notebooks.

    PROBA-V stopped monitoring our Earth’s surface on 31 October 2021, sixteen months after the small but brave satellite ended its fully operational lifetime. The entire PROBA-V data archive is being  reprocessed into segment and synthesis data of the highest possible quality to meet the users’ needs. Stay tuned for more.


  • Technical maintenance and upgrades
    Next to additional data products, we will also update software components when necessary, such as the operating system of our servers, openStack and the Hadoop cluster.
    We also follow developments made by ESA on the processing baselines for the Sentinel data and products.
    We use openEO as backend technology as much as possible and our TerraCatalogue is accessible via a STAC API, next to the existing opensearch API.
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