New data and services coming in 2020

New data and services coming in 2020


In 2020 we’ll keep improving our EO viewer and image processing web services. Let’s give you an overview of new data, features and services you can expect in the upcoming months.

    Coherence time series. These are useful to detect sudden changes in land cover (e.g. through flooding or after harvesting).
    Subsidence time series. We can use RADAR data to measure subsidence and uplift as slow as a few mm/year
    Access Sentinel-2 data of Europe. We will be offering imagery and derived products of all countries that are part of the EEA39 area.
    Introduction of a new processor version, with improved atmospheric correction above land and water, in cloud optimized GEOTIFF format.
    Access new global NO2 and CO concentration maps and time series (expected by second quarter of 2020)


  • Back office actions include
    Moving to a new catalog, OSCARS
    Implementing a new authentication system
  • User experience
    Development of more notebook samples to showcase their functionality
    Improved and expanded documentation


We’ll also organize a new series of Terrascope roadshows. Stay tuned via our website or subscribe to our newsletter (below) to stay informed about the new dates and locations.

During the roadshow you’ll receive more information about our products and services, follow a hands-on demonstration and meet one of our experts to see how Terrascope can support your project.

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