What’s coming in 2022?

What’s coming in 2022?

Also in 2022 we’ll keep improving our data offer, EO viewer and image processing web services. Here’s an overview of the new or improved EO data and services you can expect the upcoming months.

    Next to Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-5P, we will also offer Sentinel-3 data. We will add the Global Synergy (continuation of the SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V time series) and Land Surface Temperature data products. With the SPOT-VEGETATION and Sentinel-3 data we will eventually have access to an uninterrupted time series that starts in 1998. This is a major asset to study vegetation evolution and climate change. (expected by mid-2022)
  • Additional Sentinel-5P products
    In 2022 we will also expand our Sentinel-5P data products. In collaboration with BIRA/IASB and KNMI, we will offer daily, monthly and yearly global composites of atmospheric abundances of methane, formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide to give our users a better insight on atmospheric processes. This in addition to the currently already available carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide products. For Europe, we will also introduce an improved nitrogen dioxide product.
  • PROBA-V collection 2
    We will also finish the complete reprocessing of all PROBA-V data (2013-2020) in 2022. The reprocessed data will be made available via Terrascope. 
  • Technical maintenance and upgrades
    Next to additional data products, we of course keep investing in our services and infrastructure. We keep up with technology by updating software components, such as the operating system of our servers, openStack and the Hadoop cluster.

    We also follow developments made by ESA on the processing baselines for the Sentinel data and products.

    openEO will be used as backend technology as much as possible.

    Our catalog will become accessible via a STAC API, next to the existing opensearch API

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New webinars in 2022

We will also organize some new webinars to present new data, services and use cases. During these webinars we love to show you which Earth observation data and services are available and how these are used to retrieve objective information or advice. Join our webinars and see if Terrascope can also support your business.

Webinars 2022

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