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News 07/01/2020

CropSAR to improve the time series service

The CropSAR technology has been added to upscale the time series service in our EO browser.

News 17/12/2019

Optimizing our user experience

We released a series of new and improved features to allow users to further personalize the viewing service and improve our user support.

News 14/10

Discover new functions

Discover a series of new features available now in Terraviewer, the online EO browser for free and unlimited access to satellite data and derived information products.

Virtual Machines - News 16/09/2019

Discover the Virtual Machines

Thanks to Copernicus, the European Union’s Earth Observation programme we have full, free and open access to massive amounts of data.

Terrascope Jupyter Notebooks News 12/09/2019

Upgrade Jupyter Notebooks

The Jupyter notebooks service has been upgraded. This upgrade included a number of stability and security fixes.We also integrated JupyterLab.


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