Webinar 2021

Discover the Terrascope webinars

Discover the Terrascope webinars (and webinar recordings) to see how EO data and services are used, in research activities and operational services. Experts from different sectors show how Earth observation data and services give us the possibility to achieve more.

La Palma Sentinel-2 11/10/2021 header image

Monitoring volcano ash plumes on La Palma with different satellites

On 19 September 2021, the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) started to erupt for the first time since 1971. Together with the outflowing lava, the crater ejected large ash plumes containing several gases, among which sulfur dioxide (SO2). Discover how three satellite instrument allow us to map and monitor the volcano ash plumes and SO2 transport.


Automatic redevelopment sites monitoring using Sentinel data

Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data for urban planning and land management.

TerraFlood use case

TerraFlood: mapping and monitoring floods using Sentinel-1 data

TerraFlood is a Virtual Machine application to provides spatially consistent flood observations independent of weather conditions.

Terrascope OpenEO webinar

Joint openEO - Terrascope webinar

Are you interested in new, streamlined approaches to access satellite data and big Earth observation processing datasets without any operational hassle? View the recording of our openEO webinar and learn how it simplifies working with Earth observation data, which new possibilities it offers and see it in action in real world use cases on the Terrascope platform.

News coming 2021

New data and services coming in 2021

Also in 2021 we’ll keep improving our data offer, EO viewer and image processing web services. Discover the new data, features and services you can expect in the upcoming months.


Sentinel-5P air quality data available

You can now also access Sentinel-5P air quality data via our Terrascope services. Use our EO viewer to easily survey daily, monthly, and yearly averaged NO2 and CO column densities at an unprecedented sub-urban scale.

Terrascope webinar 2020

Terrascope Webinars 2020

Are you interested to see how satellite data can support you in your daily work? Or are you already using Earth observation data and services and looking for some new ideas or guidelines on how to improve your skills? View our Terrascope webinar 2020 recordings and discover the possibilities, new features, operational use cases and what’s still to come.


CAPSAT, quantifying yields with combined Sentinel data

Read more about the CAPSAT project and discover the possibilities of using Earth observation data and remote sensing technology  to better detect crops and quantify yields.


Join us for the 2nd edition of the Copernicus MOOC

After a successful first edition, Copernicus is organizing a second edition of the Copernicus MOOC. Join now and learn to harness the power of space data.

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