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Terrascope webinar 2020

Terrascope Webinars 2020

Are you interested to see how satellite data can support you in your daily work? Or are you already using Earth observation data and services and looking for some new ideas or guidelines on how to improve your skills? View our Terrascope webinar 2020 recordings and discover the possibilities, new features, operational use cases and what’s still to come.

Performance Dashboard V2

Discover our brand new performance dashboard

Via our brand new Terrascope performance dashboard you can keep track on the real time performance status of our web services.


CAPSAT, quantifying yields with combined Sentinel data

Read more about the CAPSAT project and discover the possibilities of using Earth observation data and remote sensing technology  to better detect crops and quantify yields.

python36 replaces pyhton27

python36 replaces python27 and will be the standard interpreter

The platform-provided python27 interpreter will be removed in the near future. The default python interpreter will become python36.


Join us for the 2nd edition of the Copernicus MOOC

After a successful first edition, Copernicus is organizing a second edition of the Copernicus MOOC. Join now and learn to harness the power of space data.

Terrascope Coherence news item

New Sentinel-1 Coherence data available

Discover more about the new Sentinel-1 coherence data products, now available via our EO viewer

Europe S2

Access Sentinel-2 data from all over Europe

You can now also use our viewer and web services to access Sentinel-2 data from all over Europe. Next to Sentinel-2 data ...

Documentation Portal

All documentation now available via our ‘Documentation Portal’

Discover our brand new Documentation Portal to access all relevant information, documentation and manuals to get your started ...

New features viewer

Getting started with the EO viewer? Set your preferences!

Discover a set of new functionalities now available in our EO viewer ...


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