CAPSAT, quantifying yields with combined Sentinel data

CAPSAT, quantifying yields with combined Sentinel data

Europe has the ambitious objective to become a sustainable region by 2030. Circular Economy, Farm to Fork, Zero Pollution, Natural Capital, a modernized and simplified CAP, … These are all conceptual parts of the European Green Deal in which remote sensing is a key component. It is used to assess, plan, monitor and implement different steps, especially in agricultural services including the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

Farming is a special kind of economic activity, where income support for farmers is a necessity to guarantee Europe’s food security and a prerequisite to facilitate sustainability and inclusive rural development. This is what the CAPSAT project is all about: exploring the possibilities of using Sentinel satellite data to assess crop type and crop yield.

Jan Biesemans, expert in data science and geomatics, explains more about CAPSAT and the possibilities of using Earth observation data and remote sensing technology to better detect crops and quantify yields, an essential part of the agricultural value chain.


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