Discover the Virtual Machines

Discover the virtual machines

Thanks to Copernicus, the European Union’s Earth Observation programme we have full, free and open access to massive amounts of data. With the Terrascope Virtual Machines we want to support our users to access the data fit for their specific purpose.

With an additional desktop on your computer, which runs on a server in the data center, you can easily access, explore and process satellite data. You can save on time (avoiding to wait until downloads are done) and on investment (no additional storage or computers to buy). Instead you can focus on analyzing the data to extract objective information.

Terrascope’s Virtual Machine provides data in useable formats, like GEOTIFF, pre-installs software to work with the data and ready-to-use products based on the satellite data.

More information on the data, tools, data privacy, user support or how to request a Virtual Machine can be found in our latest blog ‘Stop downloading data! Use a Virtual Machine instead!’.

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