Terrascope services, for basic and advanced data processing workflows

Terrascope offers a wealth of Earth observation data and processing services that can be used for various purposes. The data and services are available for everyone and free of charge. But which data is best for your purpose? And how do you get started?


A set of services available for everyone free of charge

Access to the Terrascope viewer and its analysis capabilities is available for everyone. 

When you register on Terrascope, you receive a lot of data and processing capability free of charge:

  • a Jupyter Notebook environment running on the Terrascope backend, close to the data, with 100 GB Private and 100 GB Public folders for storing results or other data
  • a LINUX Virtual Machine (on demand), with 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 4GB SWAP, and 80GB disk storage (next to the Public and Private folders that are also accessible
  • a free balance of 1 000 processing credits for openEO and EOplaza which is replenished every month
  • Terrascope catalogue, download and (OGC) viewing services

Additional resources for large scale processing

When you need larger-scale capabilities for Earth Observation (EO) data processing, you can easily request additional resources. This additional service is aimed at Belgian Federal Scientific Institutes, Belgian research projects and services, and Belgian start-ups. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if you can receive additional resources such as: 

  • more processing credits to be used on openEO or EOplaza
  • a more powerful Virtual Machine (additional cores, RAM, SWAP or disk space)
  • shared storage to facilitate collaboration  
  • engineering support

Share or access workflows via EOplaza

EOplaza is an innovative platform to share third-party services via Terrascope. When you have set up a workflow that might be useful to others, feel free to share it with the broader Terrascope users. This benefits our users by offering readily reusable workflows, saving them time  from creating new ones. Additionally, it provides you with increased visibility and valuable feedback. Click here to discover more and don’t hesitate to reach out to receive some engineering support if needed.

With the enormous amount of data of possibilities, it can be difficult to find the best code, create the right workflow, ... Via the Terrascope user support you can access the FAQ, user forum, documentation and contact the Terrascope team if you need further support.

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