Terrascope's connection with openEO and the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem

Engage local and regional users and communities

Just over a year ago, ESA and the European Commission launched the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem (CDSE). The CDSE is the public go-to platform and ecosystem to access EU's Copernicus satellites data after the legacy ESA distribution hubs.

The CDSE is an important ecosystem to connect with decentralized ‘connected’ EO platforms such as the Belgian Collaborative Ground Segment Terrascope. The natural evolution of the Terrascope platform will be making optimal use of the central CDSE infrastructure and federate as one of the decentralized nodes.

Terrascope has a commitment to providing open-source satellite data and added value datasets and services until at least the end of 2028 and is essential to engage local and regional users and communities, and support them through a hands-on experience to truly showcase the potential of Earth observation data to guide them in the uptake.

Dennis Clarijs, program manager platforms & services at VITO Remote Sensing and project manager of Terrascope, explains more about the exciting journey to support the uptake of earth observation data and services and how CDSE aims to connect with downstream national platforms such as Terrascope using openEO. Read his blog 'The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, a game changer in the world of EO' to discover more about the connection between Terrascope and the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem to leverage infrastructure, emphasizing local user enablement, and incorporating advanced technologies like AI.

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